We help you to be

with video.

At Storycatchers we employ people who believe in the power of video. We don’t just tell you to use video smartly, we do it. We were born from the observation that everyone is convinced that video communication works but almost no one knows how to make it a success.

Strategic guidance on how to develop a video series, provide digital live broadcasts, shoot the footage or optimize your YouTube channel.

We go for it! As long as it has a lasting positive impact on your bottom line as an organization.


Knowing what you do.

Our team consists of driven experts who understand how video works. Experienced people with 20 years of experience in live streaming or video marketing work together with young talent who know how to make the most of video in this digital world.

Our strenghts

Focus on results

In our opinion, good video communication always leads to results. Sometimes in hard currency, but often in learning gains or behavioral changes. It’s your choice!


Storycatchers is made up of true specialists. In the field of video production, marketing and digital events. A unique team with a shared passion for good visual storytelling.


A company where it's fun to work and which treats people and the environment with respect. A commitment we work on every day and are quite ambitious about.


We do not believe that we can make the difference with a one-off assignment. We get really excited when we can work together with clients to find an approach that exceeds the proposed objectives.

Top equipment

Nothing is worse than equipment failing during a live broadcast or recording. When it comes to infrastructure and equipment, we take no risks and go for the absolute best.


As online video specialists, we literally live on the Internet. Both our production flow and our business processes run completely digitally. Faster turnaround times, fewer errors and better communication. That makes you happier too.


Real stories by real people, that's what we're all about. Corporate videos work best with your own employees in the lead role. Our producers help you overcome camera fears and communicate clearly.


Experienced crew members, professional equipment, a horizontal organization and a sophisticated workflow allow us to get the most out of every budget.


Our vision makes the difference.

At Storycatchers we want every employee to have all the information, insights and possibilities to support a customer optimally and efficiently. To achieve this, we sometimes make radical choices.

Full openness and transparency gives everyone access to the information they need to work autonomously. Employees choose freely where, when and how they work. We have no internal rules or budgets. This allows us to be better, smarter and more innovative. Everyone makes decisions freely in the best interest of the organization, including investments or even their own wages.

Frightening? Not at all, our customers notice every day how this enables us to do fantastic work. Our organization is extremely healthy and can therefore pay out part of the profits to our employees in good years. Logical, right?