Terms & conditions


By ordering products or services of Storycatchers bvba the client accepts these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the client are always subordinate to this.


All our prices are in Euro, excluding VAT. Unless otherwise indicated. Storycatchers is entitled to adjust the agreed price if the customer makes changes to the original contract or when there are changes in the cost of the service or product. Prices for transportation, parking fees, meals / drinks for technicians on location or hotel stays are not included unless otherwise mentioned in the agreement. Our invoices, unless otherwise specified, are to be paid net and in cash within 30 days of the invoice date, without discount. The amount of each invoice which is not paid in full on the due date shall automatically and without notice increase by liquidated damages equal to 10% of the amount owed, with a minimum of € 50. The increased amount has an interest equal to 12% per year, with each new month considered as expired. If Storycatchers should recover bills through a collection agency or legal action, all costs will be paid by the debtor. In the event of default Storycatchers reserves the right to immediately terminate the services without prior warning or notice. Invoices are always in digital form delivered by email. Unless otherwise indicated 30% of the project budget will be invoiced on order date and must be paid before the start of the project.


Storycatchers is entitled to terminate the execution of the agreement and related agreements fully or partially, if the client does not properly or punctually fulfil any obligation arising from the agreement. It is the client’s duty to cooperate unconditionally and constructively during the entire period of the assignment to get to the intended result.


Unless otherwise agreed, the client who hires goods from Storycatchers is bound by the obligation to take out an insurance policy before the beginning of the rental period or service. Whether or not it is a part of an agreement. The customer is liable for the damages and losses (incl. theft) that have occurred during the rental period or service, even if that would have been caused by force majeure. The total liability of Storycatchers on the grounds of breach in the performance of the contract is limited to a compensation of direct damages up to the maximal amount of the price agreed in the contract.


In case of force majeure which originates from our suppliers, carriers, and postal companies, the implementation of our commitments is suspended. Malfunction or failure of wired and wireless connections (including satellite connections) or equipment is not entitled to any compensation.


If the client cancels orders less than 60 days before the planned start of the service, 25% of the price will remain due as a fixed compensation. This percentage shall be increased to 50% if the cancellation occurs less than 10 days before the start of the service and to 100% if the cancellation occurs within 72 hours before the start. If Storycatchers suffers damages in excess of the percentages stated above due to cancellation of an order, it shall be entitled to claim compensation for all damages actually suffered.


The client indemnifies Storycatchers of all legal claims related to Copyright. The client is responsible for handling administrative and financial transactions in the digital recording and transmission of copyrighted work. All rights in audio-visual productions which are recorded by employees of Storycatchers remain the property of Storycatchers until all invoices are paid. Storycatchers have the right to use recordings for demo purposes.


To be valid, complaints must be reported to us within 8 days of receiving the invoice. Filing a complaint does not release the client from their payment obligations. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the present contract shall be submitted to the Commercial Court of Antwerp. Only Belgian and European law will apply to these general conditions. Deviation from these conditions is only possible through written permission. The client acknowledges mutual email traffic as legally valid evidence.


Personal information is only intended for internal use by Storycatchers. The customer has a right to access and correct as provided by the law on the protection of privacy of December 8, 1992. Reporting breaches of these terms and conditions can be done via e-mail or by mail to info@storycatchers.be Storycatchers, Komiteitstraat 46-52, 2170 Merksem, Belgium.