Video communication

Everyone involved in marketing or communications today knows it; video works. Yet for many companies and organizations it is difficult to get started with video. Having a classic corporate video or an expensive commercial made and simply putting it on YouTube is no longer enough to make a difference online.

Therefore at Storycatchers, we take a completely different approach to online video. Our goal? Video communication with impact.


Video as a crucial part of your communication plan.

Video is THE way to distribute content in an accessible manner. Many companies and organizations realize this, yet all too often we see that videos are made only to meet the needs of that moment. Too little consideration is given to a strategy for the longer term.


Think beyond the classic corporate video.

There is no ready-made solution for an organization to get started with video. A great deal depends on the objectives, the group you wish to target and the message you want to convey.
So you won’t hear us telling you that one video will always work.

What we do know is that the impact of your video communication is greater when you don’t communicate with a classic corporate video, but when you consciously choose to communicate over a longer period with multiple videos. Videos that not only deliver the right message, but are also easy to find.


Focus on online and return on investment.

At Storycatchers we approach online video in a fundamentally different way and we base each project on concrete objectives that we determine together with our clients. A well thought-out approach combined with sophisticated working methods, ensures online video with impact.


Want to know how we can increase the impact of your videos?