Video series

We all know why ad-hoc videos don’t work. They’re too random, they’re not recognizable enough and they don’t adequately respond to the needs of your customers or members. You can easily address many of these issues by working with video series.

Because by working with video series, you not only increase the impact of your videos, but it also becomes cheaper to make those videos.

And yes, you read that correctly. It does say “cheaper”.


Increase efficiency and impact

By deciding on a video format at the start of your production, you ensure that your videos are more recognizable. This is achieved by establishing not only the look & feel of the videos, but also the fixed structure and production approach. And always with your video marketing strategy in mind.

At Storycatchers we are always looking for ways to make video productions as efficient as possible: where possible we bundle recordings so that we can shoot several videos at once.

But don’t worry, that efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of creativity. Because whatever content you want to create, whether it’s instructional videos, product videos or sofa talks: anything can become a video series. And rest assured, the impact of the video series will be greater than with ad hoc videos.


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