A study day in a dusty conference room or old school auditorium? Those days are fortunately definitely behind us.

Today, conferences, or other knowledge events, can only survive if, in addition to an exciting programme, they also provide a streamlined registration process and flawless technology. In the hall, but also online.

Indeed, the challenges as an organiser have not diminished. Fortunately, the team at Storycatchers can help you with that.

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Welcome to the world of digital events.

Internal employee presentations, hybrid training courses or multi-day conferences. They have more in common than you might expect. They are events with a focus on conveying insights or knowledge. With the ultimate goal of inspiring people.

Whether that succeeds depends on the story of your speakers. But also on how you shape the event. How you enthuse people to register. How you put together an engaging programme. And how, behind the scenes, you digitally link and technically shape the various elements.

At Storycatchers, we have more than 20 years of experience in live streaming and setting up hybrid events. We make the difference with our integrated approach and intensive guidance to organisers, both practically and technically. Thanks to our experience, we now know a bit about what works, and what doesn’t. We are only too happy to incorporate those insights into the realisation of your next event.

Tailor-made support and advice.

Our event producers think along with you in both digital and hybrid. How do we put the puzzle of your event into a form that works inspiring for your participants and at the same time is practically feasible within the set budget?

We help you with the practical preparation of the event and visitor registration for your physical and online participants. We provide all the audiovisual and technical support needed in the various rooms or at the reception. We integrate the various digital tools and provide assistance to your online participants.

Our years of experience and unique workflow for digital events is the best guarantee of a successful inspiring event.

Vacature AV Technieker

Flawless technology and sustainable logistics.

Get rid of large and heavy flight cases! Our technical crew works with compact and modular equipment sets for setting up events.

With our flexible set-ups, we are happy to handle a small management presentation from headquarters. But just as easily a large multi-day conference with breakout rooms, simultaneous interpretation or keynote speakers calling in from abroad.

By the way, did you know that we consider sustainability so important that in most cases we transport all our equipment by electric van?

Want to know how we can digitize your event?