Visitor registration and onsite badge printing

A true hybrid conference or congress leaves visitors free to participate digitally or physically, with maximum freedom to make last-minute changes.

Is that possible? Yes, provided that as an organiser you bet on smart visitor registration where all information is automatically available digitally to anyone who needs it.


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Onsite printing

An access badge with versatile possibilities

Onsite badge printing allows you to print personalised entrance badges for the visitors who are physically present, without waste.

We include information about the chosen workshops or breakout sessions visually when printing. As a reminder or for efficient crowd management.

Are you planning a social programme with museum visits or dinner alongside your congress? Then we make a separate admission ticket superfluous with specific coding on the badge.

Smart visitor registration

Integrated solution for automatic management of your registration flow

Selling tickets online seems easy. Until you find that credit cards are virtually unknown in some regions and Chinese participants want to pay via WeChat. How do you let participants customise a programme? How do you send personalised digital tickets and access a digital event platform? And where do you find an up-to-date list of food allergies for the caterer?

An integrated solution with smart links to your event’s various tools and partners ensures that you no longer have to dabble with manual Excel lists. At Storycatchers, we help set up the desired flow. Do you want to spend 100% of your time preparing your event? Then we are happy to take care of the ticket helpdesk during the registration period.

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