Live Streaming

In 2001, we provided our first live stream, in audio only and not yet under the current name Storycatchers.

Even then, we pioneered streaming technology and every live broadcast was a real technical challenge.

YouTube and other streaming platforms did not yet exist, and certainly did not support a live stream of a conference or event.


Live Streaming

speel video

Experience makes the difference

Experts in live streaming

Set up an interactive cooking class with Piet Huysentruyt via live streaming and conjure up a full menu with the participants? Live stream the very last performance of the Alegria show to all Cirque Du Soleil employees around the world?

Set up a live streaming connection with the astronauts on the ISS space station? Broadcast live footage from unmanned submarine during the Deepwater Horizon derrick disaster on the internet?

Provide the live broadcast of The Voice Kids in the Middle East in 360° so you can follow along from the stage with VR glasses during the finale? Partner with YouTube major to stream the House of LUX show from Dubai? Stream a concert from a balcony of the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

Facilitate a live video auction selling over 2 million pigeons in 2 days? Set up a satellite link for Eristoff from a wolf pen so participants could cry along from behind their webcam the a real wolf pack? Have the breeding process of Peregrine Falcons in church buildings monitored via HD streaming.

speel video

And much more...

The list of references and exceptional live streaming projects is endless. But we usually just provide the live stream for a hybrid conference, seminar or webinar. From our own streaming studios or somewhere ten fields across europe.