Webinar studios

Have you already experienced the challenges of organizing a webinar from a conference room? Noisy colleagues, poor lighting or an intermittent internet connection can turn your broadcast into a complete nightmare.

By using a professional webinar studio, you have the appropriate infrastructure and optimal guidance at your fingertips.

Exactly what you need for a successful broadcast.

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Relax, it's a webinar studio.

This may surprise you. The best webinars and live broadcasts are the ones where the studio guests and speakers feel relaxed and comfortable in the first place. Once you understand that, you’ll immediately know why our webinar studios are so unique.


The best possible guidance.

Our webinar studios are built to provide high-quality recordings and live broadcasts in the ideal conditions. We consider the guidance and comfort of studio guests so important, we provide a producer for every project, who will be in charge of both preparation and direction.


Technical support at 5-star level.

With us, there are no flashy cameras to distract you. No cables to trip over. No crew members to disturb you during your presentation.

And yet our studios are equipped with the highest quality audio-visual equipment. Operated by real professionals. For us, studio technology is entirely at the service of the speakers. And just like in a 5-star hotel, we believe that this top service should go almost unnoticed by the guests.


Want to know how we can host your webinar?