Internal communication

We live in a digital age, with the necessary challenges in terms of internal communication.

Employees work from different branches of your company. They choose to work from home. Or use a trendy coworking space near where they live.

As a company, it is important to stay connected with all your team members, across all those locations.

Digital communication, in the form of a video call, is often the first option that comes to mind. But fortunately, there are better solutions for strengthening ties with your employees!

Digital events

The solution for better communication with your employees.

How do you ensure that your employees are up to date with the new evolutions in your company or sector? As CEO or management, how do you present the new strategy when your employees are spread across different locations?

Hybrid meetings, digital events and webinars in the form of a real talk show offer many opportunities to tell your story in an engaging way. By using interactive tools, you can increase the engagement of your teams. Only then will your internal communication efforts really get people moving and contribute to the sustainable growth of your organisation.

The right partner

Go for internal communication that makes a real impact.

Whether you opt for a broadcast from a professional webinar studio or a live stream with a mobile studio from your head office. In any case, you want to be sure that the events for your employees are up to standard as regards content, production and technical aspects.

At Storycatchers, we offer support in the preparation and smooth execution of your project. As in our studios as for our mobile sets, we use top-notch equipment and experienced crew.

Our years of experience and unique workflow for digital events is the best guarantee of a successful in-house event for your employees.

Want to know how we can digitize your event?