Working with a video series doesn’t always work. Sometimes there are things that need to be recorded at a specific time or place, so the momentum for recording your video is often crucial.

Creating video reports requires a different approach. One that goes beyond just filming what’s happening, because that momentum must be captured at it’s fullest. And we know how.


Tell authentic stories

Ask us what the most important element is in a good reportage and we will unanimously answer “authenticity.”

Not only do you want an interview with someone who knows what their talking about, you prefer to do it in a setting that reinforces the story. Because as a viewer, there are some things that you have to see to believe.

At Storycatchers, we know how to make video reports in a smart way. By starting with the online video strategy and thorough preparation, we succeed in telling compelling stories, always with that authentic narrative in mind. We also leave nothing to chance during the shoot: the composition of our reporting kits is the result of a year-long search for optimization and efficiency. And our search never stops, because the technology continues to evolve.

You can really go in any direction with reports. Think of testimonials where satisfied customers become ambassadors for your company. Or why not conduct interviews with the keynote speakers after a digital event? These authentic testimonials provide greater support for your story and help increase your online visibility.


Want to know how we can increase the impact of your videos?