YouTube channel management

Sometimes companies spend a lot of money making videos that are quickly and thoughtlessly posted on YouTube. These videos are watched a few times after publication, but then quickly disappear into the YouTube catacombs, barely to be found or seen again.

By working structurally with your YouTube channel and videos, Storycatchers ensures that your videos are found. And watched.


Those who search, find your videos.

Advertising campaigns are the easiest way to get a lot of viewers to discover your videos in a short space of time. However, that influx often diminishes when you stop your ad campaigns, something you want to avoid. By making sure you appear at the top of search results, viewers can easily find your videos. And those are often the viewers you want to reach.

By structurally managing and optimizing your YouTube channel, with the help of VSEO (Video SEO) we ensure that the visibility of your videos in the natural search results increases. Not only do you reach more viewers with both existing and new videos, you also gain new insights into your existing video content.

These insights can then be applied to your online video strategy or applied when developing new videos.

That video is important and can have a big impact has long been clear. However, using available video material optimally is often not easy due to lack of time or lack of knowledge about an ever-evolving landscape. By outsourcing channel management, we have seen all the numbers grow and we are very satisfied with this.

Christophe Legrand

STIHL Benelux


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