Online video strategy

Everyone is communicating with video these days. But why? Because everyone knows that video works. But when developing a video, people often forget to look at the bigger picture.

By using video strategically as part of your online communication, your videos will have an even greater impact on your audience. More than that, you can achieve maximum return on investment with a minimal budget by working this way. Sounds like the ideal investment, doesn’t it?


A strategy tailored to you

When developing an online video strategy, we look in detail at what’s happening in your field and we check where your closest competitors already stand. The strategic objectives at the level of your company or marketing department are also incorporated into the strategy. We also identify opportunities and come up with some creative video formats that you can start working with immediately when producing video series.

Do not expect a 100 page video marketing strategy that only experts understand. We make an online video strategy that can primarily be used by internal employees.

We also provide a lot of quick wins, so that you can start right away, completely on your own or with our help. The impact of your online video strategy will be noticeable from day one.

Storycatchers has helped us enormously in better utilizing our video channels, choosing the right format for our videos and finishing them in a professional way. This allows our INNOCOM marketers to focus on the content of the messages we send out into the world.

Jan Van Oekelen



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