WebinarGeek: webinar platform

Sometimes it tends to be forgotten. For a successful live webinar, you need more than a video studio and the professional guidance of an experienced live producer.

If you want participants to participate in your webinar safely and with the necessary interaction, you’d better choose a good webinar platform. Because not all tools offer the same possibilities.

Don’t have the courage to look into this yourself? Or don’t feel like taking out an expensive webinar platform subscription for a one-off broadcast? Or do you need an expert to configure your webinar correctly?

No problem. Thanks to our partnership with WebinarGeek, we are more than happy to take this work off your hands.

WebinarGeek interface
Webinar tools

Why WebinarGeek

There are dozens of webinar tools out there. Ranging from simple do-it-yourself solutions to integrated marketing platforms you may pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for.

Most of our customers are looking for a webinar platform that is easy to use and works reliably on most devices. A platform that allows for easy customization of the content and format of invitations and confirmation emails, and that correctly applies GDPR guidelines.

As webinar professionals ourselves, we also find it a requirement that the platform offers buffered streaming, so that the video can be streamed at a high quality to the online participants.

We find all of that with WebinarGeek.

Video platforms

What is the difference with video chat solutions?

With video chat solutions like Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, communication happens in real time and usually both ways. This is fun and especially useful when you need to consult with a limited group together.

With an online event where most of the program consists of presentations, it’s just the opposite. In such cases, it is particularly important that the videos reach the viewers on their screens without a hitch and in razor sharp focus.

Hopin platform stage screenshot
Event platforms

What if I have a plenary program and workshops?

For large conferences or meetings where you want to stream keynote presenters as well as set up interactive workshops or breakout sessions, a WebinarGeek is no longer sufficient. In that case, an event platform like Hopin is the right answer.

After all, an event platform offers the possibility of setting up a whole series of broadcasts. In addition, there is room for exhibitors or interactive networking. In hybrid events, some of these features are an added bonus for your physical participants.